Relationships change. Careers change. Families change.

The team at Dragonfly Wellness and Education Center works in a collaborative manner to provide you with the holistic care you need. We are professionals who understand the need for supporting the whole person. We offer counseling for individuals and couples, life coaching, and educational services to help support you.

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Counseling Services

It has been said that change is the only constant in life. You or someone you care about may be experiencing change due to marriage, divorce, family issues, seasons of life changes, grief and loss.

Changes can also happen with the way you are handling stress or depression or anxiety, birth or death, parenting issues, or just need someone to talk to in a safe and supportive environment. We are here for you.

Change can be difficult but it can be a time of tremendous growth. The therapeutic relationship is one of mutual trust and respect.

Pick up the phone or click on 'Request Appointment' and let this time of change become a time of growth, with the support of someone who cares.

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At Dragonfly Wellness and Education center we offer education in group and individual settings. Our group classes are designed and presented by trained educators. Individual education is offered in therapy sessions as well by arrangement.

Classes include:

  • infant mental health
  • childhood development
  • parent education
  • home schooling
  • life skills
  • communication
  • crisis preparedness

Our educators are often available for presentations to the community and small groups. We also offer educational support to parents and students through our life coaches.

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Life Coaching

Sometimes life feels like too much. Too much stress and responsibility. Too much pressure to be perfect. You juggle your activities and your family and your job and your friends, but sometimes, it feels like too much.

Sometimes you need a caring and supportive listener. Someone who won't be offended by your anger. Who understands your vulnerability if you speak with your guard down. Someone who will listen and help you explore what is going on inside your head without judging.

Life coaching can help you figure things out and help you set goals to change your life. It can help bring clarity and an awareness of your thoughts and feelings. It can give you space for reflection.

Life coaching increases confidence and prepares you for changes. Empowering. Setting boundaries. Work life balance. Improves creativity and commitment. Focuses on the future. Partner and guide. Increase life satisfaction. Feeling more aligned. Examining motives and priorities and values.

Dragonfly Ranch

At Dragonfly Ranch we offer a healing center for retreat and reflection. Nestled away in rural Stevens County, the Ranch offers weekend getaways for individuals, couples, and small groups.

Dragonfly Ranch is serene and rustic. Your visit can be tailored to your needs, which may include couples retreats and various educational workshops. We blend modern, holistic, and other alternative healing techniques to meet the needs of our guests. All weekend intensives include meditation walks, communication building, and a reconnection to nature.

Dragonfly Ranch also offers psychedelic use harm reduction education, safe space treatment, and after care assessments for those who wish to experience a consciousness shift large or small with guidance, safety, and care.

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